Welcome to ABAD Expo 2017

On behalf of all the members associated with ABAD, I would like to greet all the delegates, exhibitors and not to forget all the visitors, to a show where we provide you a sketch of futuristic living. Your presence has always raised our enthusiasm in shaping the living standards from better to the best. We at ABAD firmly believe that,

“Housing is not only important to families and communities it has a diverse effect on the image building of the nation too” . I and my fellow members do take pride in declaring that for the past recent years we have not only uplifted the image of housing, but also reshaped the image of our Country.

Having an opportunity to own a home or a property is deemed more significant than anything else among the masses.

Abundant productivity has always resulted in creation of jobs for millions of Pakistanis, and promoted social equality. It’s an ideal opportunity for creating wealth and providing upward mobility and financial stability for an individual household. Concurrently, an ideal approach to encourage community involvement and creating a parallel standard of living for an entire nation.

As I have mentioned above that the most esteemed dream of any individual is to own a home or property, but in-affordability has outshined the dream of millions of people. Under such circumstances, ABAD has taken a step further in fulfilling this dream by introducing “Low Cost & Affordable Housing” scheme, achieving another milestone for the betterment of the society and for uplifting the standards of living across the nation.

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Why ABAD EXPO 2017

ABAD EXPO 2017 brings together all construction related stakeholders on one platform. This is the largest event dedicated to knowledge sharing, championing good practice and problem solving. The environment is such that the entire industry is able to look, talk, plan, learn and conduct business. Also, they prove answers for what, when, where and how we build our future.”

ABAD EXPO 2017is the largest platform available for professionals related to construction along with associated service providers. The event celebrates this exciting and dynamic industry, and will be a place to network, debate, discover innovation and celebrate excellence. ABAD EXPO 2017is designed to ultimately drive forward and promote construction.

ABAD EXPO 2017has been created by close collaboration with partners and stakeholders, and will tackle some of the key issues facing the construction industry. Anyone in construction, whether Contractors, Clients, Architects, Real Estate Agents, Manufacturers, and Developers, has shared interest in growing such a vital sector of the economy, and that can only happen through partnership, and by coming together, as we have done in our previous sessions since 2014, and will be taking it to the new heights in future.



To bring together those involved in the building and construction industry from across the nation and beyond borders for purposes of mutual advantage and cooperation.

To develop and promote professional, technical and ethical standards as guidance to those involved in the building industry.

To inform and educate the members about advances in building techniques and practices.

To promote and protect members’ ability to provide all current and future residents of Pakistan with safe and healthful places to live and work.



ABAD EXPO 2017 is the largest event of its kind in Pakistan, attracting industrial professionals in its fourth year. It is the only show that covers every facet of the interconnecting construction industry from smart technology to building materials. It helps to make sure that the participants position their brand effectively; raise brand awareness, meet new clients and close large business deals.


Through the auspicious platform of ABAD and with aggressive marketing, thousands of targeted consumers and the trade visitors will attend the exhibition to meet suppliers and manufacturers of:

  • Building Materials
  • Doors and Windows
  • Bathroom
  • Energy Efficiency and Solar Projects
  • Kitchen
  • Roofing, Fencing and Gates
  • Flooring
  • Pools and Spas
  • Lighting
  • Susceptibility Solutions
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Finishing and Interior


The collective vision of ABAD’ s members is that every citizen in our country will have a decent place to live in the economy adjusted to their lifestyle requirements. ABAD’ s members provide home ownership opportunities and strive to provide a product that is safe, affordable and environmental friendly.